Klaus Bravenboer


I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations
to engineer their
Personal + Business Operating System.

This is a process of mapping, designing, creating and delivering:

  1. Culture, leadership and team performance
  2. Business models and product strategy
  3. Brand strategy, assets and community engagement

Read the details of what I offer and how we can work together here:

I originally trained in Software Engineering and have worked as software developer for 7 yearsI then retrained, created and have been running my own Innovation and Brand strategy consultancy the last 3 years.

I love startups and technology, scaling the impact of high performance teams, leadershipperformance psychology, emotional and social intelligence, behavioural science,Meditation, health, creativity, coffee, the Paleo Diet, Crossfit, quantified-self and dancing west coast swing.

I’m originally from New Zealand and have now lived in London 8 years. I’m not into over identification as we are all multi-dimensional human beings, saying that, I do identify with being a HumanistBurner, Futurist and Transhumanist.

I am less interested in talking about and trying to predict the future.

I have a bias for action, I am interested in acting to create the future. 

Engineering a client's business model and strategy using the Business Model Canvas.

Engineering a client’s business model and strategy using the Business Model Canvas.



Founder of HackHumanity. At HackHumanity we design, create and deliver a series of experiences and a community to foster communication, collaboration and creation at the intersection of DesignBusiness and Technology. Too often events and thinking is siloed in an echo chamber of agreement, HackHumanity is about bringing together different disciplines to promote creative abrasion, this is where the magic and meaningful occurs. Join the Meetup, Hack Humanity TwitterFacebook page, Hack Humanity Website.

Let’s build together.